A Concise Guide On Selecting Good Golf Drivers

Given that golfers use irons, wedges, and more recently, hybrids today, there’s lesser room for drivers in their arsenal, which is why you have to choose the best driver suited for your needs as you’ll as majority of your clubs will be composed of the other kinds.

Here Gives The Important Points Before Offer You To Read On As Our Concise Guide Helps You Select Good Golf Drivers:

Of course, you need to be able to buy some equipment first as golf is one of the most expensive hobbies out there. But you don’t have to worry about that, as many retailers such as our own offers great deals out there from some of the best brands out there. You can check at our catalogs on www.Rockbottomgolf.com website and you’ll be able to see equipment from various manufacturers and their specifications. We’re telling you this because you actually need to understand the specs of your golf drivers before you can actually buy and start playing to the best of your ability.


As golfers deserve to know, we make sure to list down the technical specifications of the loft, shaft, grip, length and other information so that anyone who reads them will know whether the equipment will fit their needs. These are all essential details that will affect how you play as these will determine the amount of backspin and trajectory you are able to put on the ball, as well as the degree of control you can have depending on the specs.

There is a need to know the amount of loft you should be seeking for your golf drivers –

The loft is the angle of the club face, which is measured in degrees, and depending on the makeup, it’ll allow you to land shots with higher trajectories or longer shots. The angle will also determine how much control you’ll be able to have and whether the club will be more forgiving on some errors on either your form or swing. For beginners, we recommend to use a driver a loft of at least 10.5o as anything less than that would be harder to control. A lower loft provides a shot that flies lower but rolls longer, however requires a faster swing in order to become a consistent long and straight weapon.

With regards to specifications on the shaft, it’s actually pretty difficult to compare the performance of each shaft without actually trying out the different golf clubs by yourselves first. Many manufacturers have tried to measure their shafts using factors such as the length, weight, material, flex, kick point and torque. The ones you should check first are the length and weight. Having a longer shaft gives you more distance on your shot while a shorter shaft grants you more control. Taking your height into consideration, choosing between one depends on your ability and preference.

golg bag

With regards to the material, knowing what your club is made of is useful as the weight can directly affect the levels of speed and comfort on your shots. For the other specifications, it may actually be difficult to compare as manufacturers may have different standards for their golf clubs, which is why it is better to try out the clubs first. Another thing to note is to check the dexterity of your driver. Make sure to buy the correct one depending on your dominant hand you use as most manufacturers make clubs for both right and left-handers.

If choosing golf drivers still feels like guesswork –

then there is a need for you to play even more as the art of selecting one largely depends on you. Yes, you are the only who can determine the best equipment that fits your style and your comfort as you need to be able to hit the ball as naturally as you can. This applies for buying other clubs as well. The reason why you need to bring different types of clubs such as irons, wedges, fairways, woods and drivers is because you need to learn to be comfortable with each and have enough experience with them so that you’ll be able to use the right one when a unique situation arises.

Best-Golf-ClubBeyond that, golf is not merely a technical game but a mental game as well. Our general rule of thumb is to choose the golf driver that you are most comfortable with, as the only way to bring your best out of the game is to make sure that you are always in a good state of mind. If you’re ready to select one now, feel free to visit our site at Rock Bottom Golf as we offer you the most incredible deals on the golf drivers and other equipment.

Why We Should All Aim to Be Keynote Speakers

No conference today is complete without a keynote speaker. We all look forward to that one person who will give us that motivation to be a better version of ourselves. But admit it or not, not all of the keynote speakers that we’ve heard were good enough to make an impact on our lives. We don’t even remember a word that some of them have said. However, there is still great hope to hear good keynote speakers as we in the www.motivation-speaker-success.com have been inspiring and training people to motivate others with just the use of words.

We know how powerful words can be. Mr. Garrison Wynn, our influence expert and motivational speaker in motivation-speaker-success.com, has demonstrated this underrated fact to us.  Words can encourage the indifferent to participate in the community. It can even move us to do things we never thought we could do. Aside from knowing how to draw out power from words, there are a lot of perks of being a keynote speaker and we’re sharing some of them to you right now:

1. We learn more about ourselves

As a keynote speaker, we’d like to share something that is important to us: it maybe our work, our family, even the secret to our triumphs. We keep on exploring ourselves for things that we would like to share to other people, for things that we think would be of value to them.


With our search, we then learn a number of things about ourselves. We remember things, even the mundane ones, that we can share when we give talks.  The most ordinary happenings in our lives become extraordinary as we try to draw out a lesson or two from these experiences.

Therefore, we gain a clearer picture of our lives, one that is not just passing but rather one that is valuable.

2. We learn more about the world

There are times when our experiences are not enough; we are then encouraged to search for other people’s experiences or facts so that we could give a good keynote talk—it maybe just drawing out from a glass of water or even from our coworker’s resignation.

Our audience clamor for customized content from our keynote talks and that’s why we are pushed to search and learn more from our world. Besides, one of the marks of a good keynote speaker is doing an in-depth research about the topic of his keynote talk and that pretty much involves a lot of getting-to-know-the-world moments.

3. You can be a teacher

How many times have we heard that teaching is the greatest profession one could ever have? We couldn’t agree more as there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing students grow and develop starting from the day that they’ve met their teachers.

This might be too much to say, but on one angle, being a keynote speaker is being a teacher for a short span of time. Just like a teacher, a keynote speaker imparts some words of wisdom and experiences to his audience. More importantly, he tries to draw out something from them, he lets them think about his keynote talk.

Being a good keynote speaker is not just about giving away some quotable quotes and shocking information; it’s more of moving the audience to react to his keynote talk and thus act in life. It’s about teaching them how to walk with their own two feet. It is hoping that one day, one of our audience in a conference where we were invited as a keynote speaker becomes greater than who we are; just like what is always in mind of a teacher.

4. We acquire a certain sense of humor

What is a keynote talk without some sense of humor?

A number of people live a very serious life that they forget to laugh. This is something that good keynote speakers don’t take for granted.

Almost all of the self-help books for speakers contain this advice: if you’re nervous, make your introduction a joke, a good ol’ joke. And so keynote speakers, most of the time, throw a joke just to spice things up.


5. We develop the ability to know and focus on what is truly valuable in life

Keynote is defined in the dictionary as the prevailing tone or central theme. It is considered in musical terms as the note on which a key is based. Giving a keynote talk is therefore about having one good message, focusing on that message, and delivering it to the audience.

Keynote speakers are always given limited time to deliver their message no matter how good they are or how knowledgeable they might be. They are then forced to pick just one message to give to their audience.

Thus, it is important for us, if we’d like to be a good keynote speaker, to learn how to focus on just one thing and think about how we could effectively deliver it within just a short span of time.

There are a number of things that speakers enjoy in life aside from what we’ve mentioned here. You wouldn’t be able to truly know these things if you don’t even try to become one.

We in www.motivation-speaker-success.com believe that anyone can be a keynote speaker as long as he exerts some effort to be one. We can help you to motivate people through customized content and some sense of humor, just visit our website at www.motivation-speaker-success.com and who knows, you might be the next renowned keynote speaker who has it all in you.

An Overview about Research Chemicals

Science has gone a long way since the establishment of modern society and technology has helped and eased countless of lives, but no matter how advanced people think today’s science is, there is still much to be discovered. Science and technology are an infinite journey. People today are fortunate to witness the progress of science. In order for science to advance more, research must be done.

This is where research chemicals come to the picture. There are thousands of scientists and students all over the globe who conduct researches and experiments. For that, they will need various chemicals to make their research or dissertation possible.

What are Research Chemicals?

Research chemicals are substances that are ideally meant for research purposes only. Some of these chemicals were actually used on humans but none of them are explicitly intended to be used on animals and humans. No results are guaranteed because variables always vary in experiments.


Moreover, the full effects of these chemicals are not fully documented and established therefore scientists take a great risk when administering them for human and animal use. Most of these chemicals have completed phase I, II and III trials. However, they failed to gain the safety data approval of the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) because one of those trials didn’t satisfy the set standards. This does not automatically mean that the chemical poses health hazards.

Enobosarm or Ostarine, for example, failed to meet the standards on their phase III trials but they are still safer than anabolic steroids.
All kinds of research chemicals are subject to law. In the United States, the Code of Federal Regulations covers all drugs and foods available in the country. Title 21 governs them for the FDA. The Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations are divided into 3 chapters that discusses food and drug administration, drug enforcement administration and national drug control policies.

Chapter 1 pertains to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. It encompasses all the regulations for clinical trials, human subjects, vitamin and mineral values, nutrition fact values, food sanitation, drug marketing and even biological substances.
Not all research chemicals are safe for human consumption but they can be legally distributed. This is because the companies selling research chemicals are only required to list all the informational chemical values and distinctions on the bottle or box.

They are completely legal; however, if the person was proven to be consuming them for personal uses, charges can be pressed depending on the country or state. Possessing these chemicals must be done carefully and discreetly. Any abuse and misuse of these chemicals can cause serious troubles.

The companies selling them are not liable for any kind of usage possible with these chemicals. All the distributor does is to legally sell and market them as research chemicals even though some of them might both be useful and harmful to human health.screen_shot_2015-02-10_at_11.32.47_am
Research chemicals are important for developing new drugs that can treat various diseases. They are helpful and in demand in the pharmaceutical industry. However, most of the time, these chemicals are used for anything but research purposes. Any research chemical is easy to acquire but before buying, it is important to read the terms and conditions of the company or distributor. Make sure that any private information will never be shared or sold.

The companies and distributors selling them will only require a buyer’s credit card number and a due agreement to all their terms and conditions. When it comes to customs, the severity or leniency depends on the country. Canadian customs generally allow any kind of research chemicals entering their territory.